Continuous improvement and a new project!

While our next batch of samples is undergoing genotyping, we are planning an exciting project with one of our NATA-certified providers. We’re comparing a variety of extraction processes and sample types as part this new project commencing in three weeks.

We’ll be looking to see where we can improve our outcomes for our customers. We are continually learning from each batch as to what does and doesn’t work. One thing is for sure - we can’t predict the outcome from just looking at the sample. It’s not until it is well into the process that we can determine not only the quantity of DNA available, but the quality of the DNA available. Our results to date will be compared with the outcomes of the upcoming project and refinements implemented for the following round of samples.

We’re expecting the outcome of this project will enable us to be more definitive in our assessment of what will and won’t be successfully genotyped.

Our customers have been absolutely fantastic, recognising that this is a new frontier, and are working with us to get the best possible outcomes. We are vested in every single one of their stories and their desire to unlock the DNA information on their relative who has passed.

We’ll keep you posted on our progress!

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