Samples, samples, samples!

From our last extractions which were finalised in mid-November, we have 48 samples ready for genotyping.

We have another 150 samples in the lab undertaking extraction over the next week. We aim to have all these samples through the genotyping process before Christmas, as everything tends to close down during the first weeks of January here in Australia. These samples will be genotyped with the other 48 - the more we put through at once the better results we get (it’s all about building a cluster file specific to our samples).

And we want them done and the results made available to our customers before the end of the year. When these batches have been finalised we will have a more streamlined process in place, with better turnaround times moving forward.

If you have not been notified otherwise, your sample will be progressing to genotyping with the above batches. We will contact each of our customers individually when their samples have been finalised - and if genotyping has been successful, with their autosomal DNA text file to play with over the holiday season :)

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