ISHI and Updates

Back in Australia after an amazing week at the International Symposium on Human Identification in Palm Springs, California. While the ISFG Conference in Prague was more scientist / research focused, ISHI had a large number of law enforcement representatives present. There was lots of talk about genetic genealogy and its potential in the future, including for the identification of unidentified human remains. We learnt lots!

Currently we have three main batches of work underway:

  1. A batch of samples (Batch 8) going through extraction and genotyping

  2. A batch of samples going through whole genome amplification to determine options for further processing

  3. A new batch of samples (Batch 9) due for assessment in late October 2019.

We have capacity for around 15 more samples for Batch 9, and will likely again put orders on hold after that while we manage our current workload. We envisage as we progress, our processes will become more streamlined, meaning we can undertake batch work on a rolling basis.

And finally, a little snap of our CEO’s ride back to LA - a wonderful couple of hours shared with the co-founder of GEDmatch - Curtis Rogers - a delightful and very interesting gentleman!

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