The low-down

We have now written to all our customers to let them know the results of their extractions and genotyping. As we've previously posted, we have now tried two different extraction methods and found a suitable, repeatable process for extracting as much DNA as possible from a sample - which is good!

Quite incredibly, we found DNA in every sample we tested. Unfortunately, finding DNA does not mean that an autosomal DNA raw text file of sufficient quality for matching purposes can be generated. We ran every DNA sample through the genotyping process. We have customers very happy with their results. While we are proud of this result, we need to improve the quality of our output files if we wish to be able to provide a commercially sustainable product. 

Moving forward, we will be undertaking extractions on samples but processing them from there will be delayed. This is because we are working with our partners to improve our results.

For our existing customers, we have offered them a refund or the choice to continue with us.

For new customers, we will be able to advise of the outcome of the extraction, but there will then be a delay in processing of possibly around three months.

New customers may therefore prefer to wait until we have finalised our work with our partners to improve our results.

We are also about to offer an “extraction only” service on our website so people do not need to invest in the full process until they know the outcome of the extraction. This will happen in the next few days.

We will continue to provide updates on this page as we move forward. We'd like to thank all our wonderful customers for their patience and support.

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