Hair pilot, male or female DNA, and new labs

We are happy to be forging new relationships with first-class labs worldwide, with extensive experience in extractions on our sample types. We expect to have our current samples processing in around four weeks. This timeframe is in line with our previous email to our customers. 

This means that customers will be notified of the results of the extraction after that, and whether the resulting DNA is suitable for genotyping. We will also advise the customer whether the DNA is identified as male or female, which is an important piece of information when determining if who you hope licked the envelope did indeed do so!

We are also currently running a pilot on hair samples, with the view to being able to offer mtDNA-based products in the near future. We are also exploring the possibility of Y-STR analysis from artefacts from deceased ancestors. Besides envelopes, stamps and possibly hair, we are also looking at other other items such as teeth and spectacles.

We will provide an update as soon as we've processed the next round of extractions. We'll also be advising when we are open to new orders again, which we expect to be in around eight to 12 weeks.

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