Original envelopes (minus flaps or stamps) returned

Since establishing totheletter DNA, we are now able to email a customer's autosomal DNA text file to them, rather than having to send the 18MB file via USB. Because of this, we are returning customer's envelopes / aerogrammes / postcards to them now, rather than waiting for processing of their sample to be finalised.

The only exception to this is for customers who have requested a further extraction be undertaken if the first is not successful. In this case, we will hold onto your item until the full process is complete.

For US-based customers who currently have a sample with us, we have sent your original item/s back to you today (except the part that has been removed for extraction, of course).

UK and Europe-based customers, your item/s will be returned next week.

Australian and New Zealand customers will have their item/s returned within the next four weeks.

We are still on track to have extractions finalised in the next few weeks.

totheletter DNA