First extraction results back...

We have extraction results for the first 26 samples processed in the current batch. We are writing to all customers today with the results of the extraction/s.

Of the 26 samples, we found DNA in 16 of them. We will be genotyping all these samples, but only charging customers for this if we generate a useable autosomal DNA text file.

We have a further 40+ samples ready for extraction which will be done in batches of 11. We will publish outcomes on this page as soon as possible after processing, after notifying our customers of their results.

It is not a happy task to inform customers their hopes for their sample have not been fulfilled. Nevertheless we are confident we now have the best possible extraction procedures in place. We are hoping for those whose samples have yielded DNA, that genotyping is also successful. We will keep you posted via email, FaceBook and our website.

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