New pricing announced - and prep your item at home!

We now offer three-step process for our customers:

  1. Assessment - is DNA present? ($180AUD / approx $120USD as at August 2019)*

  2. Quality check - is the DNA suitable for genotyping? (GSA) or Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) ($120AUD / approx $82USD as at August 2019)

  3. Process DNA - to GSA ($531AUD / approx $360USD) or WGS ($3160), or store DNA until customer wishes to progress ($50 for up to five years, with extension available).

*envelopes, stamps and aerogrammes - contact us for other artefacts.

Customers who placed an order with totheletter DNA before 20 January 2019 may order WGS at a discounted price of $2466AUD (approx $1675USD).

Customers may now remove the area to be tested at home prior to sending their item. Please check here for how to prepare your artefact at home.

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