DNA under the microscope and IFSG

Apologies to our customers who are waiting for updates regarding their sample/s. We are still looking at the best options for the samples we are hoping to amplify - we have previously stated we hope to process these in late September. 

The new round of assessments have taken place and the samples have been progressed for further work. If you would like a personal update on your sample/s please email info@totheletterDNA.com, otherwise we will be in touch soon.

The reason we're so busy is that we are at the International Society of Forensic Genetics annual conference this week in Prague. It's a wonderful experience to be surrounded by so many specialists in the forensics field. Two days ago we were sitting in a room with the person who undertook the DNA work on the Russian Romanov family remains - impressed! Our aim in being here is to learn about the latest innovations and techniques from the experts, and we are learning lots! 

We are also happy to see our collaboration with the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine (VIFM) is on show. VIFM has a poster at the conference, promoting the work we are assisting with them with on Unidentified Human Remains (UHR) that are in the care of the Victorian Coroner, Australia.

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