Find DNA

Find DNA

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Our goal is to provide customers with an autosomal DNA text file that can be used in public genealogy databases for matching purposes.

We are now offering three possibilities for our customers.

We offer an extraction service* at a cost of $341AUD (approx $235USD). After extraction we will advise the customer whether useable DNA has been found.

*envelopes, stamps and aerogrammes - contact us for other artefacts and pricing

Genotyping if an option will cost a further $490AUD (approx $340USD), or Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) at a further $3119AUD (approx $2150USD). A customer may prefer to have totheletter DNA store the DNA (for up to two years, with the possibility of extension) until such time as they wish to progress further.

Customers who placed an order with totheletter DNA before 20 January 2019 may order WGS at a discounted price of $1909USD.

New customers should send a photo of the front and back of the envelope, postcard, aerogramme, or artefact to for review.

We will visually assess whether we see any problems up-front with the type or condition of the item, and if our standard pricing applies. We will email you to advise you of our findings and if a pricing variation applies.

When you place your order for extraction, your order includes:

  1. extraction

  2. return of sample via registered post

* If you wish us to attempt extraction on more than one sample from the same person at the same time as your first sample, you will need to select an extra extraction at checkout. Select the appropriate extra number you require (e.g. 1 extra, 2 extra - according to the number of samples you wish to send through). The advantage to you is saving time and there is a discount on the second / subsequent order.

We can also test your further sample/s from the same person (that you send with your first sample) in a future round if your first extraction is not successful. We will notify you at that time and ask you to select “extraction” on this page and pay the subsequent extraction fee. The advantage to you is saving money by not paying for an extraction that you might not need, although the discount extraction price does not apply. This is because of the extra administration required and duplicated cost to forward the second item to the lab separately to the first.

Any sample from a different deceased person is considered a separate order.

As at June 2019 GEDmatch Genesis is the only genealogy database accepting our uploads.

We will always return your sample to you via registered post when your sample has been prepared for extraction. Some artefacts may require different shipping arrangements which will be agreed during visual inspection.

Once you have placed your order, send the item to us via registered post or a tracking service. This is a valuable item we do not want going astray in the post so a registered service is essential.

We will email you to confirm we have received your envelope, postcard, aerogramme or artefact.

We will then test the item you provide in our laboratory to determine whether a viable sample of DNA can be extracted. We will advise you of expected timeframes during visual inspection.

Handling the artefact

You should minimise any further handling of the artefact to be tested. Place the item into a paper bag (not plastic) and send (via registered post or a tracking service regardless of whether you are based in Australia or elsewhere).

For our USA-based clients, or for customers who prefer to send their sample to the USA:

totheletter DNA

P O Box 7928

Jacksonville, FL, 32238


For all other clients:

totheletter DNA

P O Box 157

Kenmore, Queensland, 4069


You will be asked to agree to our T&Cs which you can read here or prior to final checkout of your order.

Please call or email us prior to sending your envelope or other artefact if you have any questions. Contact details are available on our Contact + Company Details page.

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