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Find DNA

from 140.00

We are requesting that new customers wait until we have completed our current work to improve our processes before placing an order.

The information below is to give new customers an understanding of the pricing and process. Pricing may change when our above work is completed, which will be published here and on our FaceBook page totheletter DNA.

New customers may still send a photo of the front and back of the envelope, postcard or aerogramme to for review.

We will visually assess whether we see any problems up-front with the type or condition of the seal or stamp. We will email you to advise when to send the item to us.

When you place your order, your order includes (all prices are in Australian dollars):

  1. extraction @ $140 (not refundable - you may send in more than one sample from the same person and request we undertake extraction of the extra sample/s at the same time*)

  2. genotyping @ $621.50 (refunded if no useable DNA)

  3. return of sample via registered post @ $20 (not refundable)

  4. return of DNA file via USB (optional - included in price)

  5. upload to GEDmatch Genesis database (optional - included in price)

Total price of order is $781.50.

* If you wish us to attempt extraction on more than one sample from the same person at the same time as your first sample, you will need to select an extra extraction at checkout. Select the appropriate extra number you require (e.g. 1 extra, 2 extra - according to the number of samples you wish to send through). The advantage to you is saving time.

We can also test your further sample/s from the same person (that you send with your first sample) in a future round if your first extraction is not successful. We will notify you at that time and ask you to select “extra extraction” on this page and pay the subsequent extraction fee of $140. The advantage to you is saving money by not paying for an extraction that you might not need.

Any sample from a different person is considered a separate order.

As at February 2019 GEDmatch Genesis is the only genealogy database accepting our uploads. We can upload on your behalf and transfer the file to you, or customers may prefer to upload the file themselves.

We will always return your sample to you via registered post when extraction is compete. If you wish to have the file on USB, it will also be sent to you at this time.

Once you have placed your order, send the item to us via registered post or a tracking service. This is a valuable item we do not want going astray in the post so a registered service is essential.

We will email you to confirm we have received your envelope, postcard or aerogramme.

We will then test the item you provide in our laboratory to determine whether a viable sample of DNA can be extracted. We normally require up to six weeks to finalise the extraction process from receipt of your envelope. Turn around times may be faster.

We charge $140 AUD per extraction process, whether or not we are successful.

If extraction is successful:

We will email you to advise we have extracted a useable sample.

Your sample will be progressed to “genotyping” where we create the autosomal DNA raw text file for use on genealogy are tested in batches. Turn around times may be faster.

When complete, we will notify you and send you the file via USB. We can also upload the file to Dropbox, Google Drive etc. We will ask you for your preference via email during the process.

If extraction is unsuccessful:

If insufficient DNA is found, we will notify you. If you have sent extra sample/s but have not paid for extraction, we will confirm with you if you wish to test the extra sample/s and ask you to make payment via this page. If you do not wish to progress (or no further samples remain), the remaining funds (excluding the extraction fee/s) will be returned to you through the payment method you used. Refunds can be sent back only to the original payment method used. It is not possible to send a refund to a different destination (e.g. another card or bank account).

Please note that if you made your original payment in a currency other than Australian dollars, the funds will be returned to you at the exchange rate applied by your payment gateway applicable on the day the funds are returned.

Your refund will also exclude any fees and charges incurred by us from your payment gateway when you made your payment. These will be detailed in your refund notice.

We will also charge you for postage, which is around $20AUD depending on the size and number of samples being returned..

We submit refund requests immediately. You will see the refund as a credit approximately 5-10 business days later, depending upon your bank. 

Handling the envelope

You should minimise any further handling of the envelope to be tested. Place the envelope into a paper bag (not plastic) and send (via registered post or a tracking service regardless of whether you are based in Australia or elsewhere) to:

totheletter DNA

P O Box 157

Kenmore, Queensland, 4069


You will be asked to agree to our T&Cs which you can read here or prior to final checkout of your order.

Please call or email us prior to sending your envelope if you have any questions. Contact details are available on our Contact + Company Details page.

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