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Funeral Directors

DNA Banking and Ancestry File services are available through totheletter DNA for next of kin (NOK) to obtain a DNA sample from their recently deceased loved one.

1. DNA Sample and Banking

The Funeral Director (FD) takes a non-invasive sample from the decedent’s inner cheek using our DNA Sample Kit, registers it on this site, and returns it to us in the pre-paid Next Day Delivery envelope. Guidelines are provided to assist with sample taking and it is essential that these are followed to avoid contaminating the sample.

We then store the DNA in our DNA “Bank”. The DNA may have uses in the future we are yet to envisage, so the loved-one’s sample is stored in our secure laboratory in Brisbane, Australia. 

Wholesale pricing for kits and registration of the DNA samples is available on our password-protected Buy - Funeral Directors page.

Please email us at eternalDNA@totheletterDNA.com for the password to obtain access to our wholesale pricing and ordering system. We provide full instructions for the FD, as well as an information sheet for the next of kin and a NOK Consent Form.

We are able to provide training and information sessions to your team on request.

2. Ancestry File (Family Matching and Ethnicity) * - RRP $531 (inc. GST)

*The NOK directly orders this through our website here (select Step 3 GSA - Genotyping) 

We can process the DNA to generate a DNA Ancestry File for the NOK’s loved one. This can be uploaded to the free genealogy database GEDmatch (www.GEDmatch.com). This identifies any family matches who are also in the database.

The file can also be uploaded to FamilyTree DNA (www.familytreedna.com/autosomal-transfer). The NOK is able to see family matches for free. For a fee of $19 as at October 2019 (paid directly to FamilyTree DNA) the NOK can also see the ethnic origins of their loved-one.

There are also a number of web-based companies that provide health analysis of DNA files. The data we generate allows the upload of the Ancestry File and see whether there are genetic markers for certain health traits. We can advise further on this.

Contact us at eternalDNA@totheletterDNA.com for further information.