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Preparing your sample at home

You can prepare your own sample at home before sending us the portion we test. This removes the need for us to return the remaining envelope to you, saving you on postage.

Please do not undertake this process until you have forwarded us a photograph front and back of your item.

In the case of more than one order, please make a note on the paper bag in which you forward the item of the postmark or other identifying feature, so we can correlate the portion to your order.

step 1

Wear rubber gloves as in the photo and use clean scissors on a clean surface.


Cut out the full flap area (or stamp, if we have agreed with you that the stamp will be used).

step 3

Place the flap / stamp into a paper bag and send to us following the instructions on our buy page.


We will decontaminate the surface of the item you send us to remove any DNA from yourself or others who may have touched the item. Nevertheless, it is important to take care to keep the item clean, and avoid touching the item with bare hands.


Prepare your scissors, gloves and clean space to remove portion to be sampled.


Cut out full flap from envelope


Finalise cutting of flap. It is this portion that will be sent to totheletter DNA.