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In using our company, you understand our services are designed to help people develop their family trees. The DNA we extract from the envelope, postcard with stamp/s or aerogramme you provide is to provide you with DNA information on a family member who has passed away for the purposes of genealogical research only.

You understand that we may not be able to extract DNA from the item, or that the item may not have been sealed by the person you anticipate.

The sample you send us is precious, and therefore we require that it is sent via registered post or a tracking service. We will return your envelope via the same method.

We use GEDmatch.com’s Genesis database, a third party free website to load your passed family member's DNA. If you request we upload the DNA file to GEDmatch.com, you confirm that the item you have provided is from a deceased person to whom you have a family relationship, and is to be used for genealogical purposes only. In using GEDmatch.com, you accept their terms and policy which can be viewed here.

The Australian government's Australian Privacy Law and Practice (ALRC Report 108) - Section 8. Privacy of Deceased Individuals discusses the use of genetic information for health purposes only, but does not address the use of DNA for genealogy purposes. For further information, you can view the policy here

Our company abides by Australian laws and legislation.

If you are not based in Australia and have concerns about the use of DNA from passed loved ones for genealogy purposes, you should consult your own jurisdiction.