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Who and why

We are a team of professional historians, researchers and scientists with a passion for genealogy, using DNA to grow family trees even further.

We are the first company in the world to offer commercially-available testing of envelopes, postcards with stamp/s and aerogrammes to generate a file compatible for use with genealogy sites. This enables you to use DNA from a deceased ancestor to understand more about your genealogy and family tree. 

Today the world of genealogy is being transformed by DNA testing. Testing enables you to submit either a saliva or cheek swab sample to commercial testing companies to find out your ethnic background. Testing also enables you to identify people who are related to you. People have found family they didn't know existed, reunited with relatives they'd lost touch with, and solved family mysteries from generations before.

But the picture would be so much clearer if your ancestors had also tested.

Advancements in DNA testing means that we can extract DNA from envelopes, postcards with stamp/s and aerogrammes from your loved ones who have passed away, to generate genealogical DNA information (genotyping). Genotyping produces a autosomal DNA raw text file that can be uploaded to GEDmatch GENESIS for relative matching and ethnicity results. We are working with other genealogy DNA companies to increase the databases our customers can use. See our envelopes and envelopes FAQs pages for more information.

We are also able to advise and assist law enforcement agencies with the use of genetic genealogy to assist in the identification of alleged offenders or unidentified human remains. See our Genetic Genealogy page for further information.

We are committed to providing our services at a fair and reasonable price. We are excited about what our testing means for genealogy research and even further afield, and to be a part of this exciting future. Click on "Find DNA" on our buy page to see our very competitive pricing.

Items are tested in a National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia (NATA)-accredited laboratory (since 2002) in the field of Biological Testing. NATA is Australia’s national body for the accreditation of laboratories throughout Australia. The laboratory operates in compliance with the international standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005. If you'd like to know more about NATA, click here.

The laboratory has been accredited as a certified service provider (CSPro) by Illumina, whose technology we use.

Our business is conducted in accordance with the ethics prescribed in the Genetic Genealogy Standards 2015. To read these, click here.

We are an Australian-registered company ACN 626 042 028 / ABN 97 625 793 808 and operate in accordance with Australian laws and legislation.